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For those interested
in purchasing

Thanks for asking about and whether it, or one of our other domains, is for sale.

While we are not actively seeking to sell any of our domain names at the present time, in the interest of prudent business and financial management we are obligated to consider all serious offers for any asset of the company, including domain names.

Each year we receive numerous unsolicited inquiries and offers to purchase domain names. All offers are made, we are sure, with the best of intentions, however, most have been from what turn out to be unqualified parties (e.g. students) who do not have the resources to purchase at anywhere close to market rates.

Unfortunately, we are not in the business of buying and selling domain names, and responding to offers and inquiries, whether qualified or not, takes time and resources away from other areas of our business.

This page is designed to inform parties who may be interested in purchasing our domain names and provide them with the same kind of information we have in the past provided through email correspondence with inquiring parties and is also designed to capture the information we require in order to determine if an offer is serious and from a qualified party.
We use this name for our own purposes at Provider Marketing Group. However, when we step back and view this name objectively, what we see is a single word, dictionary word, generic domain name with applications in multiple major industries.

Applicable industries include taxes, insurance, banking, healthcare, education, telecommunications, and internet services, to name just a half dozen or so. In fact, just about any business can be considered a provider of something to somebody, and consequently, the potential applications for this name are enormous.

We're sure you would agree that it is reasonable on our part to expect those qualities to be reflected in its value. While we do not keep track of such things on a regular basis, the last time we looked, domain names with the qualities of were sold for more than $150,000, many for far greater amounts.

If we were going to sell this name, we would expect serious offers to be commensurate and comparable to other names with similar qualities. If you are prepared to make a serious offer, commensurate with and comparable to the amounts paid for similar names, we will be happy to consider it. Please complete the information below.

If you are not in a position to make such an offer, we understand, and wish you well in your pursuits.

Some things to keep in mind

We are willing and prepared to communicate with principals only. If you are a proxy purchasing on behalf of someone else, please have them contact us directly. Once we have established a relationship, if they want to authorize you to communicate on their behalf that is fine with us. However, we need to hear that directly from them.

Indications to us that you are a making a serious inquiry:

  • You have a valid company name
  • You have an email address at your company's domain name, that is, not @gmail, yahoo, hotmail, aol or similar free email account. (We have nothing against those accounts, but we expect you to have a more substantial email account.) If you work for and are making an inquiry on behalf of Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, or AOL, then we would expect you to have a corporate email address and direct contact information at your company.
  • You have a valid telephone number where you can be reached
  • You have a valid business address

To begin the process of inquiring, please complete the form below.


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Resources that may be of interest to domain name owners and purchasers

(Use at your own risk)

Domain appraisal sites

Automated Services


Market Information




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