The Geek's Guide to Internet Business Success by Bob Schmidt. The Definitive Business Blueprint for Internet Developers,  Programmers, Consultants, Marketers and Service Providers.



Chapter 3
Planning Your Business


Chapter 1
Getting Started as an Internet Professional

Chapter 2
Your Role as a Consultant

Chapter 3
Planning Your Business

Chapter 4
Assembling Your Team

Chapter 5
Setting Your Rates

Chapter 6
What the Client Expects from the Internet and You

Chapter 7
Finding Customers

Chapter 8
Planning Your Presentation

Chapter 9
Making the Presentation

Chapter 10
Writing the Proposal and Contract

Chapter 11
Organizing and Managing the Website Development Process

Chapter 12
Billing and Budgeting

Chapter 13
Growing the Business

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Chapter Overview

Proper planning for your Internet design, programming, marketing or consulting business means thinking through the key elements that will lead you to success. This chapter of The Geek's Guide covers everything from what to include in your business plan, to choosing the legal form of your business, selecting an office location and establishing your competitive advantage.

Links to resources relevant to this chapter.
Updated 04/07/12

AT&T Small Business Resources

Small business section of their site has special offers and a portal of links to information of interest to small businesses.

U.S. Small Business Administration

A large site with a business plan tutorial and other basic business startup and management information.

U.S. Treasury Home Page

The official word on the U.S. economy. Some small business information on doing business with the federal government, and small business contacts.


From the people who brought you the income tax. Forms, instructions, and more than you ever wanted to know. This sitemap page is a good place to start.

Inc. Magazine

Inc. has done a great job with its site and offers a wealth of searchable archives digging back into the magazine's past issues. A search on any imaginable small business topic will yield fruitful results.

The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition

Available by paid subscription, this is the online edition of the world's leading source for daily business information. Non-subscribers have access to the Small Business Suite section of the site.

American Express Small Business Exchange

In addition to providing information on their services, this page also has some great resources with information on starting and running a business. You can ask them for advice, get tips from industry experts on taxes and other matters, browse their online classifieds, and get pointers on creating an effective business plan.

Visa Small Business Site

Links to sites with information about venture capital/finance, resources, and other publications are provided.

TIME Magazine

The Time Warner Pathfinder site mentioned in Chapter 3 no longer exists. Try the link above for Time's business coverage. 

Microsoft Smallbiz

Resources for start-ups, sales and marketing, and financial aspects of running a small business.


And another Microsoft business resource, for start-ups (with MasterCard) - requires registration.


Compuserve's PR & Marketing Forum

In operation since the 1980's, unfortunately now completely defunct. The operators of this forum have moved it to Delphi Forums (  where it is the MediaPro forum.

Unfortunately, it is of limited value to web professionals.   However,  if you want to see a great model for online community moderating in action, you can't beat the MediaPro forum. 

Though no longer available, the Compuserve forum was a great online resource for traditional marketing, advertising and public relations professionals. The forum libraries held archives of the forum's occasional electronic seminars, including one on writing business plans conducted by Linda Elkins. With the permission of the forum sysops, two of Linda's checklists are included in the Geek's Guide book. 


 The Silicon Valley Small Business Development Center

The Silicon Valley Small Business Development Center is sponsored by the U.S. Small Business Administration, the California Trade and Commerce Agency, and the West Valley-Mission Community College District. This site covers planning, financing and marketing as well as a sample business plan. Still useful after all these years!

Khera Communications

Basic business planning information.

The Entrepreneurship Centre, Ottawa, Canada

Quick guide to writing a business plan. Links to web based training seminars. Lots of goodies here, eh?


The Geek's Guide to Internet Business Success
The Definitive Business Blueprint for Internet Developers, Programmers, Consultants, Marketers and Service Providers

Author: Bob Schmidt
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Last update: April 07, 2012